Maintenance Services / F&G Detection and Firefighting Systems


F&G Detection and Firefighting Systems

Design all F&G system adjacent drawings according to plant characteristics and HAZOP recommendations:

  • Fire Protection Philosophy.
  • F&G Detection and Firefighting Layouts.
  • F&G Wiring Diagram.
  • F&G Loop Drawing.
  • Fire Water Demand Schedule.
  • F&G I/O List.
  • F&G Block Diagram.
  • F&G Cable Schedule.
  • F&G Cables and Cable Glands Datasheets.
  • F&G Junction Boxes Datasheets.
  • F&G Cable Routing.
  • F&G System General Arrangement.
  • F&G Panels Location Layout.
  • Firefighting Network P&ID.
  • Firefighting system hydraulic calculations.
  • F&G Installation Details (Hook-up).
  • F&G System C&E Matrix.
  • F&G System Material Requisition (MRQ).

Main Construction Activities:

  • Cable trays installation and fixation.
  • F&G Junction boxes hook-up.
  • F&G Cables laying through its typical routes, either trenches or cable trays in a secure way.
  • Check all cables insulation resistance and continuity after laying completion, in order to ensure cables efficient status and readiness for connection.
  • Installation of all elements supports as per designed elevations and engineering details.
  • F&G detectors and alarm elements installation, fixation and proper orientation.
  • Firefighting pipes, valves, monitors, sprinklers, supports and accessories installation.
  • F&G control system installation and typically fixation including marshalling cabinets, system cabinets, engineering and operations workstations, consoles furniture and auxiliary consoles as per detailed engineering drawings.
  • F&G cables glanding and termination as per Ex. Specification and vendor’s recommendations, this step must be carefully and accurately carried out starting from devices sides, passing through junction boxes, marshalling cabinets and system cabinets, including all interface signals with other systems and sub-systems.
  • Mod-bus serial communication cables testing and termination if any.
  • Fiber optical cables testing using OTDR “Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer”, termination and connection to destination patch panels.
  • Earth termination to all system components; JBs, Cable Glands, Detectors, Cable trays and System Cabinets.
  • Cables tagging, terminal wiring tagging and proper continuation checks before final termination.

During this phase all required checks before system livening up shall be confirmed

  • Cables continuity checks with certificate signed by construction team and approved by commissioning team.
  • Cables insulation resistance test shall be passed as per cable application as per electrical checks recommendations.
  • Ensuring clearance of all category “A” punch items before proceeding commissioning.
  • Firefighting network NDT test passing and certificate for all welding joints.

  • Commissioning procedures preparation for each F&G device, and for the completely integrated F&G system.
  • Determination for Limits of System Handover (LOSH) with all marked documents.
  • Generating of system loop folders with all relevant marked drawings.
  • Check and review Bill of Material (BOM) and ensure proper installation.
  • Check datasheets against devices’ nameplates. The following points to be verified: Device tagging, Manufacturer and Model number, Device range and calibration Cert.
  • Review FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) activities report and ensure clearance of all FAT punch list
  • Witness SAT (Site Acceptance Test) procedure with vendor during performance and ensure all SAT activities executed as per approved SAT procedure.
  • F&G system powering up after Mechanical Completion (MC) signing, all cat. ‘A’ punch items clearance and system become ready for commissioning.
  • Check earthing system (Protection Earth “PE” & Instrumentation Earth “IE”).
  • Check wiring diagram against actual termination, confirm End of Loop Resistances (E.O.L) existence for digital input and digital outputs signals.
  • Check all hardware interconnection between F&G and standalone Fire Alarm system “FACP” and interface with ICSS (Integrated Control and Safety System including DCS and ESD) and PAGA (Public Address / General Alarm) systems.
  • Perform hot loop check for all F&G signals.
  • Ensure F&G devices calibration validity through calibration certificate, calibration nameplate and actual device status, re-calibrate if required “Calibration involves checking and adjusting Gas devices against a known precise reference to ensure performance complying with the manufacturers recommendations and datasheets”.
  • Check and review F&G system logic with vendor.
  • Execute F&G signals function check using simulating kits of each type. Devices include the following: Point gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, open path gas detectors, pressure transmitters, Multi-Spectrum flame detectors, rate of compensate heat detector and linear heat detector, indoor smoke detectors and all fire alarming elements.
  • Review and confirm graphics on F&G HMI and workstation LEDs.
  • Verify cause and effect (C&E) matrix implementation in Fire and Gas system including all interface signals with other systems.
  • Check all Modbus serial communication between F&G system and all 3rd party Systems.
  • Check matrix panel including (deluge activation switches, reset, maintenance override switches and acknowledge switches)
  • Test and calibrate instrument firefighting equipment including (Deluge valves activation solenoid, firewater pressure switch, deluge valves Pressure Switch High ‘PSH’, deluge valves pressure switches low).
  • Check and functionally test solenoid valve of deluge valves and check the functionality of firefighting system discharge.
  • Check and functionally test manual call points.
  • Check and test all types of Horns, Strobe Lights & Beacons.
  • Record and following up punch list clearance with classified category as per standard (A, B & C).
  • Follow up stable run test for the F&G system and ensure optimum performance.

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